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Oct. 9th, 2005 @ 05:36 pm
I had the opportunity to see Meredith Price debate today, at Lewis and Clark's tournament. (It was the octofinals round between L&C DP [gov] and Whitman WC, 3-0 for gov.) I think I might become a groupie--she was amazing.

Fun tournament story: some judge voted us down because our counterplan didn't support the resolution. I love the quality of judging for junior parli.

Oh, and I'm new.
Katherine Preston
UOregon 09 =)

I know, I know...but it is fun! Jan. 29th, 2005 @ 02:17 pm
You scored as Extemp. You are extemporaneous speaking. You know everything about current events. Others look to you when they need up to date information. You are there to provide it in a logical, well-supported manner. You just need 30 minutes first.




Faith Lit.




















Readers' Theatre






What Intercollegiate Forensics Individual Event are you?
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Nov. 5th, 2004 @ 01:40 pm
I just got finished writing a politcal semi-essay, and it left me with an odd idea.

After I submitted it, I still had the idea of Michael Moore and Ann Coulter as counterparts, and it hit me: "What if they were in a parli debate?"
Now, I'm sure you've done this sort of thing before, but with all the liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between, and all the wonderful hatred between them all now, what would they act like in a debate?

Here's my thoughts...

Resolution: Democratic Values are better morals then Republican Values
PM: Michael Moore
MG: Al Franken

LO: Sean Hannity (Bill O'reilly works fine too)
MO: Ann Coulter

What would you say would be the funniest debate among political figures like these? If you can, say what arguements would be said by who.

Kritical Critial Kritik Critiques Oct. 27th, 2004 @ 09:51 pm
On average, do you guys ever use critiques? I hear some judges don't know what they are, and I myself am not good on them still. I know that they involve critiquing your opponent's case, but I only know the basics behind a discursive critique. I hear there's a lot more kinds of critiques.

What's your favorite to use? And also, do you prefer Kritik or Critique (I prefer the latter.)

Aug. 31st, 2004 @ 09:41 pm
What's the first tournament of the year that everyone's going to?

Santa Rosa is headed to the fine town of Fresno.

Other entries
Ok, this community is officially back! I've updated the interest lists and everything. now, start posting damnit!
» Tournaments
What tournaments will people be at this year?
CC's schedule isn't totally set in stone, but I know that we'll be at Wyo, CC, Texas Tech, Pt. Loma, DSR-TKA, USAFA and NPDA.

» NPDA Orkut community?
Just recently, I got ahold of an Orkut account. I've been wondering if we should try to set up an NPDA Orkut community on Orkut.

More info on Orkut: www.orkut.com

One thing, though: You need to be invited to use Orkut ala Gmail, but invites are unlimited. If you guys like this idea, reply with an email address and I'll invite a few of you. Then you can do what you wish with the accounts.

» A present to one of my favorite communities
I was bored today, looking at those memes that seem to be dominating Livejournal and I wonderd "What if I made one for Parli debate?" Well, I gave it some work, and lo and behold, now you have an evil meme to call your very own care of me. It's serious, with a trace of comedy in it. Hope you like it. :D

Parli Debate-O-Matic by Falconrath
Your school name
Your position
Opposing school
Challenge for GovTough debators
Challenge for OppUnable to organize arguments well
Clash percentage: 75%
Stupid argument percentage: 57%
Amount of money in bets$2,426
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

» (No Subject)
You know, I've only debated once, but I've done impromptu all throughout the year. Apparantely Impromptu and Parli go hand in hand. This made me wonder, though. One I got an actress name for a quote in impromptu. Imagine how much fun that was.

What's the stupidest resolution/impromptu quotation you've gotten this year?
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