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Parli Debate

At Its Finest...

National Parliamentary Debate Association
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
First Rule of npda: Do not talk about npda
Second Rule of npda: DO NOT TALK ABOUT npda
Third Rule of npda: There are no rules
Fourth Rule of npda: When you join, introduce yourself and suggest one band and one film to be added to the interests list. And your favorite ice cream flavor.

This is a community for LJers who are also involved in the National Parliamentary Debate Association (NPDA) or are interested therein. Of course, as with any group of elitist jerks, there is an established hierarchy:

- Konrad Hack
- Those exalted souls who have reached the National Parliamentary Tournament
of Excellence
- Former CEDA/NDT folks who have crossed over to Parli, disavowing their dark
- Competitors
- CEDA/NDT folk who haven't done penance for their tubs of evidence and 12
pointing of every frickin position at light speed
- Rabbits
- APDA folk
- NEDA folk
- Those who vote republican (happy, syphos?)

Those lower on the hierarchy can be (and probably will be) ignored/mocked by those higher up. Also, those of the bottom classes are expected to be submissive.

In all truth, I have no authority whatsoever when it comes to administrating this community. I'm not a coach or an alumni or even a famous and storied debater. I'm just a jerk with an extra lj code who figured all the NPDA/LJ geeks should have a place to hang out beside www.net-benefits.net

Your maintainer,

and your co-conspirator,